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BSA Unit Singles Rupert Ratio Manual Volume 2

BSA Restoration
Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 2
Rupert Ratio BSA Unit Single Manual Volume 2: Everything But The Engine
BSA C15, B25, B44, B50 and Triumph TR25w does exactly what it says: covers every model and every variation, from the beginning to the end of the Unit Single production run. This is the most comprehensive restorers guide to the Unit Single there is – a goldmine of invaluable information and advice for all owners of unit singles – in both BSA and Triumph variations.

Here you will find a complete description of every component and system of every BSA Unit Single (C15, B40, B25, B44, B50 and Triumph TR25w) including all the myriad detailed factory modifications, the reasons for the changes, modern equivalents (especially paints) and modifications to improve roadworthiness - if it is a Unit Single then the answers are here!

This is, of course the companion volume to the very well known  The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1 The Engine.

Volume 2: Everything But The Engine covers, in considerable detail, every component for every model including those destined for the US and other ‘export’ markets. Here you will find comprehensive descriptions of all the frames, tanks, wheels, tinware, stands, brakes, suspension, seats, exhausts, electrics, paint colours and finishes, electrics, controls, instrumentation, tools and even the nuts and bolts! An essential book for restorers and also for those who are seeking to improve their machines through the use of modern parts and techniques. Amazingly detailed and well illustrated with a colour section for the transfers (decals), this book is a real boon to owners of BSA (and Triumph) Unit Singles.




Frames Shock Absorbers

Front Forks

Brakes, Hubs and Wheels

Chains and Sprockets Exhaust Systems



Petrol Tanks

Oil Tanks and Lubrication

Side Panels, Central Tinware and Air Filters


Paints, Finishes and Transfers

Nuts and Bolts





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